The VICELAND series, Earthworks, journeys with some of our favorite bands to places that are just as important to them as they are to our ecosystem.

Earthworks takes a compelling, musical approach to immediate environmental issues. In the series, Animal Collective record ambient sounds to raise awareness for the deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest and Local Natives witnessed the country's water crisis firsthand by following the path of the Colorado River from their Southern California digs to see how massive drought has cut off such a vital water and power source from the Pacific Ocean.

The main title uses shots of instruments captured in-studio with a Phantom and anamorphic lenses. These moments were then composited into nature shots before revealing the show identity which forms from dust particles.


Design Director
Dersu Rhodes

Art Directon / Design / Animation
Chris Classens
Gabriel Tick

Stephanie Santillan
Colson Knight
Chris Martz
Taylor Beldy

Digital Kitchen